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Aries: March 21-April 20

The energy of the strong and sturdy Ram is co-ruled by the Planet Mars and Pluto. The Ram is strong both in body and will power. You are quick to respond to any situation by leading ahead on a high energy level one could say you charge ahead .You are decision makers in your own rights and confident in giving others directions, but you do not necessarily see all of your decisions through .Aries is the sign of new beginnings and passionate starts when viewed in the aspect of love and relationship .Romantically you will be more compatible and do best with an Gemini, Aquarius or Libra partner or lover. As an Aries person you are creative, adaptive and very insightful. You are very ambitious and high achievers when you set their mind to a task. Aries are fire sign and so too is your personality, however you will still reside with an excellent sense of humour, and you get along generally with almost everyone at the party. You the Aries loves to socialize and knows how to enjoy a good party session. You can however be impatient as you are very strong and seem to always be in a hurry to get things done, but we love you anyway, as you are very devoted friends. You the Aries is a Cardinal sign with a very masculine energy, the birth colour of the Aries are red and the Aries stone is heliotrope.

 : April 21-May 21

The energy of the fierce Bull is ruled by Planet Venus. Venus as you may recall the Roma Goddess whose functionality comprises of love, beauty, sex, fertility and eroticism. Hence people born under Taurus will forever be attracted to all things beautiful, all thing pleasurable. Money, possessions home and the arts are you could say their birthright. Taurus are attracted to pretty things and the luxury of the world ,however you are steadfast achievers ,full of patients ,practicality and loyalty ,however you can exhibit a vile temper if a red flag is waved in your view ,so be ware not to upset the bull’s temper. The Bull rules under Venus is one of the most romantic and sensual of zodiac signs ,Taurus does well or is compatible with Cancer and Pisces.

Like the Bull which represents the Taurus you are strong and will maintain your stamina and will power .The Taurus is also very stubborn by nature and will stand your ground in defending your own thoughts and rights to the bitter end sometimes . However that is ok as you the Taurus is full of love and sympathetic to the needs of others and very appreciative and full of gratitude. You are very understanding and a good listener and problem solver, and when we need someone to unburden our self to, we can often share our deepest thoughts and fears with you the Taurus of the Zodiac. You are very patient, practical and efficient; they are excellent business person and are so wonderful in teaching others or giving instructions. Although the Taurus will initially may have their own best interest at heart, they are endlessness with their generosity and with giving their time, possessions and love.

The Taurus is an Earth sign with a feminine energy this comes from the analogy with Venus as she co-rules the Bull. The colour of the Taurus is green and brown .The stone of the Taurus is Emerald and best day of the week for you the Taurus is Friday. The Taurus loves the tranquillity of life and is very much at one with nature ,you will always find happiness easily ,this is because you are not competitive .You have a very relax attitude and work a lot with your common sense which leads you towards fulfilment ,without even being top of your class or social group. The Taurus is clever however you have a very slow thinking process or approach, however once you have made a decision about something or someone nothing can make you change your mind.

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