Gemini-Cancer Reading

Gemini: May 22-June 22

You are twins ruled by Mercury, you are a brilliant conversationalists, however a very vivid story teller, yet loves to communicate openly. Your twin energy allows you to easily share with other ,very much a quick thinker ,you are and one of the most flexible of the Zodiac signs ,extremely adaptable to immediate situational changes, good balance which helps you to quickly grasp the meaning of a situation and act on it often in a positive effective way .

On the romantic side of life, what can I say you make excellent lovers and good friend; however one has to work hard to maintain the Gemini interest in love and relationship, as the Gemini gets bored easily? The Gemini lives to love and falls in love easily and falls out of love easily as the Gemini love a lot of mental stimulation. You the Gemini will however tend to have a duality to nature, and can sometimes be difficult to predict how you will react. You can turn from hot to cold and have very noticeable mood swings. You the Gemini has a lover is most compatible or best with Virgo’s as the Virgo will serve to ground you without hampering your interest. You are a generous sign with tendencies of being affectionate and imaginative. You will also inspire others easily as you seem to naturally motivate yourself, as your charisma and accomplishments are infectious.

You are very supportive in all you do, and is especially good at promoting and sales, you drive a hard bargain. The energy you carry is Masculine and your colour is green or silver, your stone is the crystal, your very best day of the week is Wednesday. You are very quick thinking and active your natural mobility is such that you are in every place where you are not expected to be .You have a very inquisitive mind ,hence you spend a lot of time learning new things and asking questions of yourself and others .Your curiosity and your quick-wittedness are insatiable ,hence your mind is constantly in turmoil ,moving ,hopping from one topics to the next, and yes solving issues and problems .You are expressive with your thoughts in love and practicality of life.

Cancer: June 23- July 23

The Crab is governed and ruled by the Moon .You are highly sensitive and change your mood quite quickly , which makes you sometimes very likely to pull back and find a sense of security within yourself ,if in doubt. You are great people to be around very nurturing and kind however loves attention and loves to be shown lots of affection, thus it takes someone like the Pisces to understand you fully, as you will never ask for love, but will love the person who gives you love. You the Cancer loves home life and family and domestic settings, you are what we would call a traditionalist person, and enjoy operating or living on a fundamental level. You love to go back in time, share your memory of a situation or tell a story to others thus you love history, and are great in telling family about heraldry ancestry etc. You are a very loyal friend and sympatric when needed, however you do need your own time alone, as you will become withdrawn and moody, you like to take your own time out on your own terms.

You are a Feminine energy sign, your colour is white or black, your stone is moonstone, and your best day of the week is Mondays. Your psychological nature draws you a lot towards past events. Your emotional and sensual side, makes you a good lover, and will only show your true face or vulnerability to those you trust. You are emotional ,peaceful ,imaginative, sensitive ,faithful ,resistant ,protective ,vulnerable ,generous ,romantic ,loving ,anxious ,passive ,dependent ,stubborn ,moody ,lazy ,touchy ,and loves staying at home or inaccessible to others at times .


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