Libra: September 23-October 23


The balance scale of the Libran is govern and rules by Venus and Saturn .You are a very kind, attractive, and very much willing to formulate partnership with others, making you a good person to makes friends with, and one that will be a true friend, however can be quiet and shy and if not persuaded to come out of there shell they will remain undiscovered. You are always concern with getting the balance right in a situation, giving justice to a situation and to yourself; however you can get so concern with justice and equal balance that you sometimes forget to enjoy the situation or moment. You will easily and naturally surround yourself with harmony and beauty as Venus as your ruling planet and the use of your intuition draws you to the harmony and beauty you seek. You have a keen intuitive head, however often underestimate your own knowledge and knowing, you are very understanding and caring. As a Libran you are most compatible with or do best with Gemini’s, Aquarians and Aries.

Intellectually you make a good debater, and often will prove a point or provide an answer seemly out of now where, your knowledge always needs balance .As a masculine energy sign and the second air sign, your colour is blue and red and your stone is opal, your best day of the week is Friday. You are sentimental, charming, polite, loyal fair light hearted, sometimes weak to others needs, and possible fragile at times

Scorpion: October 24-November 22

You are Rules by the planet Pluto and Mars, You persona resides very intense. Outwardly you are seen as calm, however inwardly you are fierce and bold in your personality and nothing escape your attention, you are in control cool and calm and confident . You can seemly surmount and surpass most is not all obstacle when you focus your abilities or put your mind to the task. You can be UN moved or unshakable when the situation demands that of you .You carry and possess a very strong erotic desire sexually, you are an extremist in all you do however you will play your cards close to your chest; you are therefore most compatible with Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. You are often very misunderstood, and can be withdrawn at time, however not for long periods, being a solar animal you carry much force and vigour and determination, and can be at time argumentative and give a powerful sting because for you a challenge is healthy and natural. As a feminine energy and water sign ,you colours are black ,and dark red and your stone is malachite, your best day of the week is Tuesday ,with all your strength and vigour ,you are still at times very impulsive. You cannot refrain from testing others, and it’s not because you want to hurt them it’s just your nature and it keeps you feeling alive inside.

Sagittarius: November 23 – December 22

As the Archer you are ruled by the energy and plant Jupiter. You are a philosopher among the zodiac signs you have a great ability to focus in extreme situation and get others to so the same .Your words stand strong and intense. However the need to focus and channel your insight and energy of Zodiac Sign paramount or you will waste time easily and tire yourself out in certain circumstances, and seeming will go in several directs hence wasting time. You need to be patient and you will see results, not everything suites a quick result.

You are so free and loving ,you live and free life ,and will fight a good fight for that freedom if necessary You are extremely optimistic and feels the best is always ahead in every situation .You are an adventurer at heart a mover and shaker some would say ,hence you do not don well with long term commitment, as you like the fun of life hence you would do well in a relationship with a Gemini,Libra and Sagittarius ,and Aquarian when it comes to love and relationship .

You will get on your feet quickly when faced with failure, with you masculine energy and you preferred colours Indigo, Orange and red, it’s no wonder you are seen as one of the strongest of fire sign s. Your stone is Carbucle, and your best day of the week is Thursday. With your unanswered spirit you love to travel and would in most cases prefer jobs which allow you to travel .Your psychological nature is extroverted and very independent like Gemini-Cancer. You have the strong qualities and soul of a leader; you are energetic and active always on the go. You a Sagittarius is very hard to follow as your integrated ,free spirited and independent mind constantly leads you to go further and higher in all you do .

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