Capricorn: December 23-Janauary  21

You are the Goat whom is ruled by the planet Saturn, You character trait include you love being at the top of the ladder, you are very driven and ambitious, carrying a high sense of responsibility. When it comes to relationship and love you will do best with Taureans, Cancers and Pisces.

You are a sign of the Earth, ruled by the planet Saturn, You are of a feminine energy, with your colours being black grey, green and brown, your stone is Jade and your best day of the week is Saturday. You are an introvert by nature and at times can be very cold and in total control of your emotional state. Your inner personality is often your charm, however others have to get real close for you to reveal the other side of whom you are. Your serious attitude and discipline way of being, complements your hard working ability.

Aquarius: January 22-February 19

You are the water bearer of the zodiac, you are ruled by the planet Uranus and Saturn. You are a very strong motivational and development sign, you love to use and develop new technology and insight; you are a progressive thinker who will always have the latest in gadgets. You are a good friend and will be faithful to the people or person you consider to be your friends, you do best in relationships with Gemini’s and Libras. You are a strong air sign with a masculine energy and strength, your best colour of choice are indigo Pisces and Capricorn, navy and blue, your stone is sapphire, you most favourable day of the week is Saturday Planets.

You area idealistic, altruistic, detatched independent, original in your ways, and yet contradictory to others, you are still indeed very likable, friendly and self confident. You are sometime impassive, quite and very intuitive and at times charitable; you love the outdoors and will choose that over an indoor activity. You are not easily amused and will often move on your way to do things I a quite way ,often an unorthodox way ,however you will still bring about great results ,as you are highly intelligent and honest , Your natural love for nature makes you very easy going and a natural friend to most, you reside with a constant philosophical thought and loves to be poetic in your expression .

Pisces: February 20 – March 21

You are very much a water sign the fish ,you are ruler by the planets Neptune and Jupiter, you are always moving ,very productive ,and will always be on the lookout for new opportunities as you allow yourself to be pulled along by the currents of life .You are very creative and the most intuitive of all the zodiac signs like Zodiac Leo and Virgo, you are deep affectionate to others needs ,and very artistic by nature . In love you are always seeking your soul make hence you will do well in love and relationship with Cancers, Scorpions and Taurians.

You acquire vast amount of knowledge, but other around you would never know you have this knowledge as you keep an extremely low profile compared to other zodiac signs. You are honest trust worthy and often have a quite disposition. You can however be over cautious and sometime quite gullible and too trusting, these qualities can at times cause others to take advantage of you. You are beautiful and gentle and generous person to be with and around, you give without expectation of returns. However unfortunately in the end you will be the victor of an ill circumstance this is because your intense determination of passion and devotion to a cause that of a friend or family.

As a water sign you carry a feminine energy in the 12 house, your colour is green and your best day of the week is Thursday. You love to travel and enjoy a good balance social life .You are hard working and very energetic ,you love to absorb information ,with your psychological nature being adoptive and receptive , you do not therefore waste time over analysing an situation ,you will wipe out any sort of differentiation as you oppose opposition and conflict and individual reactions . You love everyone to get along and be as one.

You are emotional ,sensitive dedicated ,adaptable ,lovely wonderful and compassionate ,Romantic and imaginative ,flexible opportunistic and very intuitive ,you are impossible to categorised ,as you can also be irrational ,seductive ,secretive and at time introverted and charming at the same time . You have a ten dance to be moody and confused and at time s vulnerable and unpredictable and gullible.

Zodiac and Casino – When Does Casino reference the zodiac?

In the first of this article series we looked at why the zodiac and casino are often brought up in internet articles, and why this can often be considered a valid argument. In the second article we took a look at how often the zodiac and casino are brought up in movies, and whether or not this is ever a valid point. Now we take a look at some examples of when the zodiac and casino are both used in movies, and whether or not this is a valid observation.

One of the earliest movies to feature a zodiac reference is Star Wars. In the first of the Star Wars trilogies, the Jedi were often aligned with the zodiac, and it was even written on their clothes. In other movies, like Return of the Jedi, the evil Emperor is also aligned with the zodiac. This has led to many people forming what is known as the “Star Wars mafia” around certain star signs, as they believe that these people must be related or at least have been influenced by the same zodiac traits they apply to themselves.

Another example of movies which feature a zodiac or casino tie is the movie Casino Royale. The main character, Eric Petrelli, is very often aligned with the zodiac sign of Pisces and frequently wears a Pisces ring. In many other instances, the character is aligned with either Aries or Taurus, or another of the major zodiac signs. Both of these groups are represented by characters in Casino Royale, such as Mike De Luca’s wise sounding Seguin. See norgescåsino’s blog post about live casino here.

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