The Virgin Virgo

Leo: July 24-August 22


The Lion is ruled by the Sun , The zodiac sign of the Leo and Sagittarius is about power and exuberance of power .You the Leo is a sign of great strength and vigour, independence and natural born leadership attributes ,fierce and protective to those you care for ,and very territorial and at time will show jealousy. You love being the centre of attention the one who stands out the one who wins ,you are very competitive with all you do ,you need to win at any cause ,however will try to play fair as necessary ,but have a very tactical mind and approach in all you do .You the Leo as you love to be the center in all you do ,you are more compatible or will do best with someone who does not yearn for the centre or the spotlight, thus a great relationship or a lasting relationship in love and romance will be better spend with Sagittarians, Arians and a workable occasionally the Aquarians.

You the Leo are not afraid to let others know your opinion and strength as you have a tendency to be high minded and vocal about your opinions. But that is ok ,as you the Leo is usually correct in your statements ,as you have a way of analyzing a situation and executing swift but just judgement with a beneficial outcome .This comes from you being a natural leader .You are brave strong intelligent and intuitive ,and also headstrong and will full, however beneath that dynamic personality lies a more gorgeous ,loving ,sensitive nature that you will not or do not easily show others .But those how get to know you the Leo will get to see all of you not just your bossy ego .

You are of masculine energy and this is understandable in the sense of your ego, you are also a fire sign, governor by the colour gold or orange, you stone is the diamond and your best day is Sunday . Your Psychological nature is very powerful and dominant and full of self confidence ,You are a leader whose strength and nobleness commands your respect of others with an unchallenged legitimacy ,You are proud determine strong willed majestic ,courageous ,vain ,domineering ,stubborn ,self centered ,violent ,quick tempered and daring

Virgo: August 23-September 22

The Virgin Virgo is ruled by energy of Mercury. You a Virgo is a lover of beautiful things ,you have the eyes of perfection on all you see and associate with . You pay attention to detail and give open solutions ,you are a open thinker not a rational thinker ,you love to accomplish every task in a perfect way and you are very organized and efficient with your every task . You are a hard working individual who loves to work for the own sake of work . Your ideal lover or partner will be Taurus and Capricorns.

You have a very keep mind ,keen to learn and to help others ,full on conversation and pleasant to talk with ,very easy going and charming personality ,very skill full in obtaining important clarity from others without creating suspicion .Virgo are naturally intuitive and as a very good memory ,which one can describe at time as extraordinary . However with all that said you still need to balance your life in other ways ,as you have a tendency to be short tempered ,impatient and self serving at times .You are an excellent team mate in social events and work environments ,and you are endeavour to freely express your own opinion to others .

You are Earth sign and of Feminine energy, you carry the colour green or yellow and your stone of choice is the Agate, your best day of the week is Wednesday. Your psychological nature is secondary, you are cautious before you take any paramagnet action at planets and will review all possible alternatives and reactions. You will try to find the best possible solution in each and every area of your life or situation. You are not a spontaneous person ,you do not also accept spontaneity and ,to fully enjoy life and go further , You are bright and brainy ,attentive to detail and numbers ,you are honest and reserved ,and at times shy ,Your intellectual aspect of life will intervene before the physical and emotional attributes in you . Your intellect is one of your most valued attributes. Check out The Intriguing Leo-Virgo Cusp to learn more.

Gaming and Psychic Readings

The advent of gaming has increased the interest for and number of people who are interested in gaming and psychics. Games such as the Call of Duty and Counter Strike have attracted many gamers because of their adrenaline rush and the thrill of fighting another human being. While there may be a certain element of the game that encourages players to use illegal methods or ways to win csgolive email promo code, most of these games involve using deception and deceptions to outwit and foil opponents. However, even these deceptions are done within a moral gray area, which may be acceptable according to law but definitely not morally. For example, players can cheat the system by planting weapons on other players, tricking them into thinking they are not being shot at, and so forth.

Many people also become interested in gaming and psychics because they feel a connection to people who engage in this activity. Perhaps they had a childhood friend or a family member who was into gaming, and now they wish to try it themselves. Or perhaps they were raised in a household where there was an avid gamer and they long to become just like him or her. For many other people, they have found a lifelong companion in gaming and in the psychic world.

However, gaming and psychics do not exactly go well together for some people. Because of the danger involved with playing video games, many people feel uncomfortable associating with someone who engages in such activities. While gaming may cause a person to feel excited and elated about life, it is probably not the best source for gaining insight into one’s past or predicting his or her future.