The King of Cups It is a powerful card to be aware of during a tarot reading. It is a powerful card that is often associated with deep emotions, passion, and devotion. This card is a good one to pull when you want to know how someone feels about your.

In this article we’ll take an indepth look at the exact meaning of the King of Cups with regards to feelings in general, as well as its meaning when pulled in the reversed position. On top of that, you’ll find out the meaning behind some important and common tarot card combinations.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

King Of Cups As Feelings

In terms of feelings, the King of Cups is someone who feels strongly about you. It is a sign that they have more feelings than just a superficial crush. It is possible for them to act hot or cold towards you, as they may feel overwhelmed by emotions. 

king of cups as feelings

The King of Cups is a sign that this person views you as you are. They feel very strongly about you. Connected Attracted You. The person will want to learn everything about you and will try their best to be there at all times. 

But, because they feel that there is so much at stake, they may come across as shy or even disinterested.

Don’t let this fool you though. You might notice a change in their self-awareness around you. Nervous Interacting with them can make them appear distant.

Talk to them about something that isn’t between you two. It can help them stop focusing on their appearance.

You will see a change in their behavior and they will become more open to you.

king of cups as feelings
The King of Cups Card is the most used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

If you feel strongly for them, let them know. Recipient They are their feelings.

At this point, they’re likely having a hard time reading your feelings as they are looking at you with rose colored glasses, unable to evaluate the situation from a broader perspective.

When they have a feeling that you are interested, they will likely take the initiative and act. confident With regard to their feelings towards your. 

The meaning of King of Cups Tarot Card, video by The Simple Tarot

King Of Cups Reversed To Feelings

The King of Cups pulled in reverse position often signals feelings of overwhelm and lack of emotional maturity. It is indicative of an inability or unwillingness to address emotional issues. This can eventually lead to negative and bitter behaviour. The person is emotionally dependent upon others.

The King of Cups reverse Signs someone is feeling Out of control With regard to a situation. They feel like they won’t be able handle the situation correctly, which makes them feel frustrated.

You might feel like they are feeling like a Victim They are unable to recognize the reality of their situation and to gain control over their lives.

The reversed King of Cups position encourages the person to look at their behavior and make a decision to take responsibility, rather than being victimized.

If you have to deal with such a person, it is best to stop feeding their needs and to take a step back. This will allow you to avoid becoming the one they hold onto for safety and reassurance.

Of course you can always let them know they are loved and cared for, just don’t allow them to shove all their problems onto you.

Only when they know how to care for themselves and take control of their health can they truly love and appreciate others. 

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King of Cups and Knight Of Cups as Feelings

Strong romantic feelings are represented by the combination of the King of Cups with Knight of Cups in a tarot deck. The person who is mad about you feels that you are the one and only. The Knight of Cups is a person who has the courage to express their feelings and fight for you. 

The King of Cups is known to be sensitive and calm, but the Knight of Cups can express their feelings more assertively.

This combination of tarot and cards signifies that the person is Are you ready to move forward? They will be open about their feelings for you. They know they’ve stumbled across someone great and are not willing to let it slip away. 

King Of Cups and Lovers as Feelings

As feelings, the King of Cups/Lovers combination could indicate someone has strong love emotions for you and urges them make a decision. This card combination could indicate that there are third parties involved in the connection. 

The person was likely shocked by your strong feelings for you and is confused about the next steps. They might be trying to decide how to move on from a relationship they are in.

It is best to let your loved one have some space and time to think things through. Focus on yourself and don’t try to interfere with their situation. Respect the current situation.

King Of Cups and Strength As Feelings

The feelings of the King and Strength tarot cards are based on deep passion and emotional love. This person feels very attracted to you and is trying their best to keep it that way. This person is vulnerable around you, but they are trying to maintain their power. 

This combination of tarot cards indicates that someone may be wearing a mask to protect their emotions. They don’t like to let their guard down as they are afraid they will get hurt when feelings are not being reciprocated.

It may take some time before we discover the truth. You can still keep your fingers crossed. authentic self and don’t get caught up in mirroring their behaviour. This will only slow down your progress.

Feelings of King Of Cups & Ace Of Cups

The combination of the King of Cups/Ace of Cups represents unconditional love and deep confidence. This person sees you as their muse and feels strongly attracted on an emotional level. You inspire creativity in them, which leads to them gravitating towards you. 

Positive energy radiates from this tarot combination. This powerful combination of the Ace of Cups and King of Cups makes each person feel their best.

You will inspire one another to be the best version of yourself and your creativity will grow tremendously when you work together. 

King of Cups and Tower As Feelings

As feelings, the King of Cups or Tower tarot cards can indicate someone who is not at peace with their feelings towards you. They feel strongly attracted to you but cannot find love for any reason. This could be because of their personal beliefs or outside influences. 

This combination of tarot cards indicates that Übertreat Emotions This person might find it too overwhelming at the moment.

You may feel them pulling away from your connection as they just can’t take the powerful energy when around you.

They are unable or unwilling to accept the connection at that point. 

King Of Cups and Temperance As Feelings

Although the King of Cups, Temperance and other feelings are positive emotions, this person might still be skeptical about their attraction. They will take time to get to know you and protect your heart.  

This combination of tarot and cards is strong, but it also suggests that this person is almost afraid to give into these feelings.

Most likely, they have experienced a negative experience in regards to sharing their deepest emotions and feel that they must be cautious about expressing them. 

You can make your person feel more comfortable around you and trustworthy by being genuine and not trying to be too pushy.

Don’t put any pressure on them as this will likely only make them run further away from you. 

In conclusion

The King of Cups Generally, this card represents strong emotions and deep feelings. The Tarot card indicates how someone feels. Deep love and affection You might feel overwhelmed and intimidated by all the emotions.

The King of Cups will treat you with love and respect, and will take care of your needs. 

When you pull in InverseThe King of Cups is a sign that someone’s emotions are taking over.

They may feel this way. Effeminate bitter They feel that they are not capable of handling the situation correctly.

To protect themselves, they will most likely victimizing They project their problems onto others and become complacent. 

The King of Cups has a reputation for bringing powerful emotions to certain combinations of tarot cards.  

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